Tuesday, February 13, 2007

She came home after her first date with this new lady in her life and she was giddy.
I sat and listened to her tell me about the whole evening in detail and everything about her new girlfriend. She was planning on taking my son to the aquarium the next day and had suggested her new flame go with them. This did not bother me in the least as I knew Ann had a great deal of tact when the situation required it.
The next day talking with my son it was quite clear Ann. was not the only one quite taken with this new lady, he sang her praises all through dinner.
Some might think at this point I was a tad jealous but in truth I was not -I was working long hours with a renewed enjoyment, as I was now sober I mended a lot of relationships and my creativeness was a new high. We also had other people staying with us and a lot of people stopping by for a meal or chat. I was renewing and making amends with my son and developing my own spiritual understanding my life was full.
So it went through most of the summer when Ann. was not with her girlfriend -we still talked went to meetings and she still liked to keep a good sexual tension banked between us.
One night on the rare occasion my son was visiting his mother and I was watching a movie and in walked Ann. with the girl I had heard about all these weeks.
They sat down on the couch and Ann. introduced me to Cindy,
She was cute with a devilish smile and a really crisp short hair style.
In fact everything about her said style from the shade of her red hair to her limited but tasteful jewelry We all exchanged some small talk and Cindy and I found we had several mutual friends in common. After a while I could tell I was getting the look from Ann.(the I want to be with my friend alone kind of look)so I said my goodnights. As I was walking out I could not help but notice that there seemed to be a bit of tension between Ann and Cindy that was not of a sexual variety few days later Ann shared w/ me that is was Cindy’s Sobriety anniversary and she wanted to take her somewhere special for dinner then to a place in federal way which rented hot tubs by the hour .I suggested she bring her by the restaurant and even thought it was my night off I would come in a supervise their meal to make sure the chefs made it spectacular.
She thought this was a great idea .I did even one better and had the dinning room manager pick up some flowers and balloons for their booth .I went into the kitchen and added some special touches to their meal then slipped out as my son and I had a movie to go too The next day Ann was really very pleased with all the attention i had given the two. And also mentioned again how Cindy and Joshua got along so well. She also shared how Cindy seemed a trifle cool to her as of late. It was later it dawned on me that the reason for this was Ann was head over heels lets pack up the U-Haul in love and Cindy seemed more interested in the nice pleasant fling mode.
To be continued

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Washington State 1991
I was enjoying for the first time the reality of being a single parent with a sense of responsibility. Besides being clean and sober I was not drifting with my child from one mercenary relationship to another.
We lived in the house I had been brought to the night of my 12 step meeting.
It was a large house with my friend bob owning it. Bob had a year on me in his sobriety and I paid rent helped with the bills and of course did a lot cooking.
My Son was finishing up the first grade and would soon be reveling in summer vacation. I looked at some of the day care that was being offered in the area and knew I would have to make a choice soon. One day Gwen the friend who had brought me in to my new way of life brought a friend of hers to the house. She was a striking women very punk looking in her blond crew cut and leather jacket. I knew who she was through conversations I had had with Gwen. She was Ann a very educated lady who at one point in her life had been on the mayors staff in a large city. She had 14 years sober having been a street kid in L.A. She was beaten into surrender at an early age by those streets. She had just come back from six months in Texas where she attempted to reconcile with her family of origin.
She was looking for a place to stay. She had moved back to Tacoma and moved in with a male friend. Apparently he was sure she wanted more of him then to just share an apartment She did not..... He was in fact very far off the mark.
Ann wanted to go back to school in the fall and finish up a degree.
After a lot of hinting by G I talked with Ann and hired her as my son’s nanny.
She would watch him while I was at work for room and board a weekly stipend and the use of a car. My son loved her, she had an interesting way with children she could communicate with them in a way which held them in awe of her. She that summer took my son on a whirl wind tour of art galleries museums street exhibits and events
At night Ann and I would often go to meetings together and got to be good friends, people started to assume we were a couple. At that time the last thing I really needed was a relationship of any sort, as I was trying to work this new way of life to the best of my ability. We also had many conversations on the program and a spiritual way of living. We had just as many conversations on out dated paradigms on gender.
Ann who I first thought was lesbian soon proved to me she was more bisexual with a lesbian leaning. By that I mean her idea love relationship was with another female but recreational sex was Accord to her whim.
When it became apparent to her I was not going to make a pass at her (for reasons I stated before) She let her guard down a lot and really started to share with me her life and ambitions, dreams desires. She also I think viewed it as a bit of a personal challenge to seduce me. She soon started to make it a habit to prance around me late at night in the nude or in sexy underwear. She also had nights she had trouble sleeping and would have me gently rub the soles of her feet (I know I have a minor foot fetish to this day)
As I knew would happen eventual Ann came home one night and said she had met a lady and developed a huge crush on her. While she had not asked her out or was even entirely sure the woman was lesbian/bisexual she was obviously smitten by this new person. It also became clear to me that this intelligent cool semi punk chic lady was a hopeless romantic at heart. I really had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing as it was such a surprise.
To be continued