Monday, August 11, 2008

While hiking with the Dog today I noticed more graffiti painted on the beautiful
boulders and elephant rocks.This disturbs me as well as mystifies me.It also lead to a line of thought.
In nature, everything seems to happen for a specific reason or purpose. Things live by subsisting on nutrients form in their ecosystem. Besides sustenance for a living thing very often the very act of feeding can be part of a system, which holds the ecosystem in balance. Examples might be birds eating bugs that if were to over populate might defoliate a forest. Another animal eats the bird as if the birds were to over populate disease might decimate the population to levels rendering it ineffective to hold the insect population in check. All things die and nourish organisms and soil in the process. The economic production of man is not based upon a balance but upon an unlimited want of acquirement. Humans build automobiles, which use materials that will never enrich the earth, destroy other ecosystems in the process of their manufacture and use. Humans grow crops that are not native to their region and require other chemicals often none organic to thrive. The plants rob the soil leaving it barren without the aid of non-organic chemicals, which often poison the eco system.

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