Tuesday, October 02, 2007

a letter to Tom Batiuk creator of Funky Winkerbean
Dear Sir
My late wife and I used too read Arlo and Janis and comment how the artist must
be looking in our window to write his comic strip.
After my wife died of cancer I moved to different city and rediscovered your strip in
the local paper.I had not read it since I myself was young.
I missed of course years of development in the characters and of course the first part of Lisa's story
I have been reading the second segment and once again had the feeling a comic strip artist had spied on us.
Parts of the story made me feel this way of course.
My wife after her second round of chemo was able to make contact with the son she gave up at sixteen through Lutheran social services.
they developed a wonderful relationship,and I saw so much of her in him.
but more then that just the little things the couple and their friends shared.
She was a special women and we refused too let her cancer slow us down.She had returned to college to
get her degree in social work and continued classes till 3 weeks before she died.
We continued up until that time all of our community commitments as well.
much like Lisa during her third round of chemo treatments,she decided that the treatments were interfering with the quality of her remaining time.
We both always felt that life was not limited but went on somewhere even if on another plain
While sometimes your story made me a little tearful,it was more the good memories of our life.
you see I never would wish to forget even the worst of it because it was part of our story together.
Thank you

BTW:below is a link to the webpage she and a fellow student designed after her first round of chemo


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